General Terms and Conditions



Version: 1st August 2018


1) Area of validity

The business relationship between HOMECOOKINGVIENNA and the class participants is governed exclusively by the General Terms and Conditions as specified here and in their current version.


2) Registration

Registration can be made either by telephone at: +43 (677) 6199 7137 or by e-mail to: until the maximum number of participants has been reached. The deadline for registration is     five (5) days before the start of an event and must be made either in person, by telephone, by e-mail, or by registering for a class online. Registration is final.  After registering, the participant will receive a confirmation of registration. Only then does the contract come into effect.


3) Programme changes/cancellation

For a class to take place, a minimum number of participants is required, which may vary depending on the type of class. If a class is cancelled for organisational reasons (e.g. illness of the instructor or failure to reach the minimum number of participants) and the replacement dates are not claimed, course fees already paid will be refunded in full.


4) Terms of payment

For online registration, the total amount is due upon booking. The courses are paid online by bank transfer, credit card, or via PayPal. If vouchers are redeemed, the original voucher must be presented at the cooking class.


5) Cancellation policy

Cancellations can be made up to five working days before the class is scheduled to begin. The cancellation fee is 25%. Unfortunately, we cannot accept cancellations after this date. Course participation is not bound to a specific person and replacement participants can be designated to take part in the course in the event of illness, etc.


6) Photographs

It is understood that photographs of the course activities may be published on the websites and This consent can be revoked at any time by notifying the course instructor.

7) Limitation of liability

Participation in a cooking class is undertaken at your own risk. Each participant is responsible for his or her own safety when handling electrical and non-electrical kitchen appliances and sharp objects. The risk of damage to clothing and other items is borne by the course participant. Our liability is limited to wilful intent and gross negligence. The equipment and facilities provided during the class activities as well as the course location and its equipment must be treated with the utmost care. Damage caused by improper handling or negligence must be reimbursed.


Each participant must evaluate his or her own tolerance of the ingredients and dishes that he or she consumes. Allergies and infectious illnesses must be reported before the commencement of the class.


8) Miscellaneous

The course participants are responsible for their own travel to the location of the cooking class. Classes begin on time at the agreed location. Course participants must be 16 years or older.


9) Vouchers/gift certificates

Vouchers can be purchased from the cook and are valid for one (1) year from the date of issue. The vouchers are only valid once the full amount has been credited to HOMECOOKINGVIENNA’s business account and may be redeemed for all course offerings.


Vouchers are not redeemable in cash and are non-refundable.


10) Data protection policy

HOMECOOKINGVIENNA guarantees that customer information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. The data is stored and processed in accordance with the current state-of-the-art data security standards. The customer has the right to information about as well as the right to rectify, block, and delete his/her stored data.


11) Court of jurisdiction

The applicable place of jurisdiction in all cases is the court that holds jurisdiction ratione loci and ratione materiae in Vienna. Austrian law applies to all legal relationships between the parties.