You no longer have to travel to Italy to enjoy a night of authentic, home-cooked Italian food! Bring friends or  loved ones to enjoy a unique dining experience in a private home near the center of Vienna.


Dinners are hosted by Marzia, a worldly woman with passion and knowledge of a variety of cuisines. Marzia’s background has provided her with the opportunity to offer a most interesting and exquisite Italian experience. Choose from an assortment of menus that offer seasonal and regional dishes prepared with fresh ingredience. From homemade pasta to limoncello-soaked tiramisú, you are in for a night of mouthwatering delectableness. Dinners will also include a selection of Italian wines and a background in the fascinating culinary history of one of the most beloved cultures in the world.


Marzia’s background has also encouraged her to offer a menu that will include a selection of North African dishes. Don’t miss out on the exotic spices, fresh herbs, or fieriness that you will experience in dishes such as Moroccan tagine, Libyan Hràymi and Mafrùm, or various types of couscous. This menu is offered only upon request.

Excited what will be cooked?

Here you will find all the menus.